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It all started as a joke!

It all started as a joke...

It was May of 2016 and my sister thought it would be funny to buy a me a goat.  We had 15 chickens, 2 dogs, a cat and a bird.  Trust me...that was plenty!  
In October of 2015, we lost my father, Travis Bonner.  I moved home from Birmingham, AL two years earlier to help my father with the family business, which was a small construction, home building and remodeling business  Bonner Construction. Dad had a bad heart and died while in ic after his second heart surgery.  I can see now how really sick he was from the pictures we have of him just before  his death.  It might as well have been a car accident  it was so surprising.  Because his dying was simply just not going to happen.  No way.  

  Something noisy that stinks and poops was something she thought I'd never go for.  Until she drove up with J.D. (aka John Deer).  Our lives were changed forever and haven't been the same since that day.  

More story coming soon!